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Archeological and Cultural Resource Management since 1983
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Southeastern Archeological Services consists of a core of six professional archeologists and three support staff, augmented by the as-needed expertise of adjunct archeologists and consultants.  The staff of full-time archeologists and support personnel is large enough to allow the company to respond quickly to clients’ needs; the flexibility of using adjunct archeologists insures that the company can meet a large simultaneous workload.  On occasion, the company has employed up to 26 staff, consultants and technicians.

Staff Archeologists

Thomas H. Gresham
Degree:  M.A.
Years as a Professional Archeologist: 41
Years with SAS:  33
Areas of Specialization:

  • Southeastern U.S. prehistory
  • Reconnaissance and intensive survey
  • Rock Piles
  • East African prehistory

 Mr. Gresham has extensive archeological experience in the Southeast, most of which is related to survey and reconnaissance.  He has worked throughout Georgia, as well as Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.  He has directed large-scale surveys along the coast, in four piedmont reservoir basins and in piedmont and mountain terrain.  He has also directed testing-level and data recovery level excavations at various prehistoric and historic sites in the Southeast.  His focus in the Southeast has been Archaic period cultures.  His research interests include the study of enigmatic rock piles and prehistoric quarrying of raw materials.  Stemming from his graduate work in eastern Africa, he has maintained an interest in that area and has directed two field projects in Somalia. 

As president of Southeastern Archeological Services, Mr. Gresham serves as point-of-contact for most clients and coordinates personnel and project scheduling.  He also serves as principal investigator on projects.  His most recent projects include data recovery at a frontier cabin site in north Georgia, surveys of highway corridors in northwest Georgia and delineation of several cemeteries.

Chad O. Braley
Degress:  M.S.
Years as a Professional Archeologist:  41
Years with SAS:  33
Areas of Specialization:

  • Large-scale surveys
  • Historic archeology
  • Coastal archeology
  • Cemetery delineation
  • Ceramic technology

Mr. Braley has broad training in archeology with experience in prehistoric and historic archeology of the southeastern U.S.  He has been employed by the National Park Service’s Southeast Archeological Center laboratory, the Georgia Department of Transportation, the University of Florida’s Department of Anthropology, and the Florida Division of Archives, History and Records Management.

As vice-president of Southeastern Archeological Services, Mr. Braley coordinates projects with Mr. Gresham, and he also serves as principal investigator on projects.  Mr. Braley has directed numerous projects, including surveys, testing, and data recovery for clients such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the National Park Service, and state agencies and municipalities.  He also prepared the Historic Preservation Plan for Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and directed the survey of over 45,000 acres at two other military bases.  Most recently, he directed the survey of over 3,000 acres at J. Strom Thurmond Reservoir on the upper Savannah River.

R. Jerald Ledbetter
Degree: B.S.
Years as a Professional Archeologist:  42
Years with SAS:  33
Areas of Specialization:

  • Southeastern U.S. prehistory
  • Lithic analysis
  • Artifact conservation
  • Machine-aided excavation

Mr. Ledbetter has extensive field experience in the Southeast, primarily Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.  He has extensive experience with both historic and prehistoric sites, but specializes in prehistoric site excavation.  With over 15 years of experience in using a backhoe on archeological sites, Mr. Ledbetter has developed innovative and highly productive backhoe methodologies that allow an expansive view of sites. 

A senior archeologist with SAS since its inception, Mr. Ledbetter has served in all phases of fieldwork, lab analysis, and report preparation.  He has served as principal investigator on survey, testing and data recovery project and has conducted most of the company’s largest excavation projects.  Using a combination of heavy equipment and hand excavation, he has revealed houses and complex site plans at three prehistoric sites, and conducted extensive excavations in an urban block of Columbus, Georgia.

Robert W. Benson
Degree: M.A.
Years as a Professional Archeologist:  30
Years with SAS:  27
Areas of Specialization:

  • Southeastern U.S. prehistory
  • African prehistory
  • Lithic analysis
  • Hunter/Gatherer studies
  • Nomadic Pastoral studies

Mr. Benson is trained in prehistoric archeology with an emphasis on hunter/gatherer societies.  His graduate work in eastern Africa has led to specialization in lithic studies, which he now applies to Archaic period materials in the Southeast.

Mr. Benson has worked with SAS in many capacities.  In addition to conducting archeological survey, testing and excavations on both prehistoric and historic sites, he has conducted several large-scale analyses of prehistoric assemblages, including the computerization of the data.  Most recently he has conducted fieldwork and analyzed the data from two very large area surveys in the Fall Line region of Georgia.

Ron Schoettmer
Degree: B.A.
Years as a Professional Archeologist:  40
Years with SAS:  33

Ron Schoettmer has been practicing archeology since 1976 and has worked with SAS in Athens, Georgia since its inception in 1983. He has played a major role in the fieldwork for virtually every significant project the company has conducted, including nearly all of our surveys in the National Forests of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Mr. Schoettmer usually serves as a crew chief on our large survey projects.

With over 30 years of experience he is one of the best surveyors in the Southeastern United States, and has personally recorded several thousand archeological sites. In addition to innumerable surveys, Mr. Schoettmer has participated in scores of archeological testing and data recovery projects throughout the Southeast, including testing sites on National Forest lands in the Georgia Mountains.

Joel Jones
Years as an Archaeologist:  33
Years with SAS: 16

Mr. Jones=s career in archeology began in 1973 while as a high school student in Rome, Georgia where he volunteered on the King site being excavated by Shorter College and the University of Georgia. He attended Beloit College, in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1976 and 1977, and later attended the University of Georgia in the early 1980's where he studied anthropology and philosophy. Since that time he has been working in archeology.

Although primarily performing fieldwork in the southeastern United States, Mr. Jones has spent a year in the field in Wyoming, two years in Vermont and New York State, and shorter periods of time in West Virginia, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. 

He has often worked as an assistant field director and occasionally as a field director on a variety of prehistoric and historic sites. Through his work on large mitigation projects he has gained experience monitoring heavy equipment and mapping with total stations. He has been working with Southeastern Archeological Services since January of 1999. 

Support Staff
Southeastern Archeological Services employs three individuals who provide the key support services of word processing, accounting and graphics. 

Kathy Mulchrone, B.S., Office Manager and Lab Manager
Ms. Mulchrone formats and assembles the company's reports, maintains the office, and prepares documents and artifacts for curation.

Laura Floyd, B.M., C.B., Bookkeeper
Ms. Floyd manages the business aspects of the company including cash flow, accounts receivable and payable, costing analysis, payroll and financial statements;  she also is responsible for website maintenance and site map illustrations.

Gisela Weis-Gresham, M.F.A., Draftsman.
Ms. Weis-Gresham prepares the graphics for company reports and assists with layout and design.


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